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Thursday, June 24

 Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

The pandemic is slowly winding down and that means we're getting closer to something that could be termed "normal."  Gigs are starting to trickle in as Western Washington starts to reopen venues and restart events.  We played our first gig in over a year in mid-June in Leavenworth for the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration.  It was a wonderful feeling to get back on the stage with the band and play some good music.  After over twenty-five years together it was great to be able to hit the stage and have it feel like we've never left.

In July we're doing a couple shows at the King County Fair in Enumclaw.  Be sure and catch us on Friday, July 16th at 2pm and 5pm and Sunday, July 18th at 4pm.  We'll be on the Heritage Stage sponsored by the Northwest Western Swing Music Society.  That looks to be the only performance for the rest of the summer, however it's always possible something else could come up.

So far we've only got one tentative Oktoberfest booking with the possibility of one other.  Our biggest event of the year, the Leavenworth Oktoberfest, is canceled for 2021.  We're hoping to return to Alderbrook Park in Clark County for their Oktoberfest and possibly to Edmonds for theirs.  All other events remain in flux as venues and events are still figuring out what their future will look like.

On the good side, we've been able to do some preliminary work on a new CD of traditional Scandinavian music.  Despite our name and the amount of time we spend playing for Scandinavian events, we have yet to record an album dedicated to that music.  We're hoping that later this year we'll be able to get the recording under way in earnest.

Take care, everyone, and we hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows very soon.



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