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Friday, January 15

 Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

The pandemic is raging on.  Last year, in 2020, we had a very busy year planned out.  It was our twenty-fifth anniversary as a band since we got started in May 1995.  We wanted to put on a big party to celebrate the fact that we had been playing together for twenty-five years.  That's a major accomplishment in the entertainment world.  We also had a full slate of Oktoberfests scheduled as well as performances at the Swedish Club Pancake Breakfasts.  There were festival gigs booked, private parties, anniversaries... all sorts of great events.

In March of last year things started coming to a halt.  At first it looked like a brief pause as the state let its healthcare system catch up.  Everyone was sure that things would pick back up by June at the latest.  As time went on, it became increasingly clear that nothing was going to let up.  The few liberties that were reintroduced were eventually revoked as it became impossible to stop the spread of the virus.  This left the remainder of our year—all of our Oktoberfests and Christmas shows—on the chopping block.  Eventually the axe fell.  After March 1st we played only one gig in 2020: an outdoor event in Issaquah that got rescheduled twice because of the poor air quality at the time.

Here in the beginning of 2021 we're looking back fondly to the performance we gave four years ago in Las Vegas at the Southwest Polka Party and wondering if anything like that will be possible again in the future.  Will large groups of older dancers want to congregate in a hotel ballroom for three days straight just to dance, drink, and socialize?  For us, there are just too many variables still outstanding.  We have no clue if we'll be playing this spring, summer, fall, or even winter.  Maybe something like that will be possible; we just don't know yet.

The one good thing is that we're looking ahead and using our time to work on some new music.  We've never made an album of all Scandinavian music and this is the right time to work on something like that.  No clue when it will be safe enough for us to actually start recording it, but we're definitely planning it now.

That's all from us for now.  Stay home, stay safe, and stream some of our music on Spotify, Pandora, or another streaming service.  It's almost as good as seeing us live.




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