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Thursday, May 26

Greetings, Scandinavian fans!

Our twenty-first year of existence has begun with some profound events.  Our long-delayed album is nearing completion and we're booked at one of the country's biggest polka festivals.  Those are some pretty big accomplishments.

We started recording our album in January 2010.  We got as far as completing the rhythm section tracks before we were derailed by life events.  My well pump died, my grandfather became seriously ill, I was in an auto accident.  Those events, along with other things, made it seriously difficult to concentrate on the album.  There were stretches of more than a year at a time when nothing happened with the recording.  Eventually, though, we got back on track and were able to complete the recording.  It's currently in the mixing phase and should be ready around the first of July.  To that end, we're going to be hosting a release party and concert at Third Place Books on July 2nd.  You can get all of the details on our Upcoming Gigs page.

As if releasing our long-awaited album isn't enough news, we're also going to be starting off 2017 with a performance at the Southwest Polka Party in Las Vegas.  It's one of the biggest and most popular polka fests in the country.  It's a huge honor to be selected to perform at this prestigious party.  We'll be sharing the stage with some of the best polka bands in the country, including the Joey Tomsick Orchestra, the Top Notchmen, Julie Lee and her White Rose Band, the Gruber Family Band, and Wayne Appelhans and the Dutch Hops.  We would love to see all of you down in Las Vegas to join us for the festival.  All the information you need is available at the Southwest Polka Party website.

That's all the news from the Smilin' Scandinavians for now.  Be sure and drop us a line every now and then just so we know if you're paying attention. ;)



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