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Monday, June 1

Leavenworth Behind The Scenes 

Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

This past weekend the band was over in Leavenworth, Washington playing at the Gazebo downtown.  What the audience sees is us performing a few songs while they stroll around town.  From our perspective, though, it's a much larger undertaking.

The process begins a few months before the performance when I'm contacted by the Chamber of Commerce to schedule out performers for the summer season.  I choose the available dates and then sign the contract.  Once everything is set on that end I contact the musicians in the band to see who is available to make the trip.  If the regulars aren't available I contact subs and get everyone scheduled.  After I have the personnel decided I make hotel reservations in Wenatchee so we have a place to stay while we're on that side of the mountains.

The day before we leave I load up all of the equipment into the Suburban and pack everything else I might need like clothes and overnight supplies.  Early on the morning of the performance I climb into the truck and head out over the mountains.  I usually arrive in Leavenworth about an hour before the start of the show so I can get everything unloaded and set up.  Having performed in the Gazebo many times in the past I'm familiar with everything I need to have and how to set everything up.

Once the sound system is set up and everyone is ready to play we can begin the show.  On Saturdays we play about six hours with breaks thrown in to keep us fresh.  It can be quite grueling to play music for so long a time.  Taking regular breaks keeps us fresh and allows the crowd time to circulate and travel around town.  It's important for them to have time to visit the various shops and restaurants around town.  After all, the tourists generate the economic activity that pays for us to be in town.

After we're done with our shows for the day we pack up all of our equipment and lock it safely in the basement of the Gazebo for safe keeping.  Once the Gazebo is cleared of our stuff we can go get dinner.  Leavenworth has a whole bunch of delicious restaurants at which to eat.  For this trip we chose one of the excellent German-style restaurants.  After dinner we retired to our hotel in Wenatchee for the evening to rest up and prepare for the next day's work.

Sunday morning we have a hearty breakfast and then head to the stage about an hour before showtime to set up the sound system for the day.  Having all of our equipment in the basement of the Gazebo helps speed things up on Sunday.  Once everything is set up Sunday goes pretty much the same as Saturday with us entertaining the crowds as they circulate through the town.

At the conclusion of the last show at 6pm Sunday we break down all of our gear, pack it up into its cases, load it into the Suburban, and head to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner before making the drive home.  This particular time we got a pizza before leaving town.

For you, as an audience member, our performance may be a little bit of music and fun while you're wandering through town.  For us, as performers, it's two days of hard work and dedication.  It's all worth it to do all of that work.  Each of us in the band truly enjoys playing this music in front of a live audience.  It's a real thrill to display our musicianship for the passers-by.  It's the most fulfilling when we get to see a response from the audience; it may just be a smile, a nod, or a smattering of applause but it's incredibly meaningful to us.

We will be back in Leavenworth playing at the Gazebo over Labor Day Weekend in September.  You'll have another opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  Rest assured, we'll be prepared for it.



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