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Tuesday, July 7

Another post so soon?

Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

I generally only post to this blog when I have something to say. There are long stretches where there's no news with the band. We're playing gigs but very little else happens. However, this has been a very busy summer so far. Last week, on July 3rd, AOL Radio launched its new Polka station. The Smilin' Scandinavians are a part of the new station. I sent our two CDs off to their programmer, Mary McCann, and she added them to the station. Mary is located right here in Western Washington (in Yelm!) and she was very happy to receive them and surprised that there's a polka band located so close to her. She alerted her friend Bruce Smith, Graham reporter for the Dispatch. More on that later.

Now that AOL Radio is streaming polkas you can listen wherever you have a connection. Just go to to launch the AOL Radio player. There's also an iPhone App for AOL Radio. If you have an iPhone you'll know how to download and install the app. Besides our own music there is also a wide variety of other great polka music available on this station. I've listened to it many times over the past few days and it's excellent. As I type they're playing "Hotsy Totsy Girl" by Those Darn Accordions.

As to Bruce Smith, he came out this morning to interview me for next week's edition of the Dispatch. Never heard of the Dispatch? You're not alone. It's the local paper here in South Pierce County. It's published up in Eatonville and covers everything from Mt. Rainier to Graham. Those of us here in South Pierce County have been reading the Dispatch for over 100 years. They do have a website: The article will be out next Wednesday, July 14th. Check their website for the full story.

In case you had heard about the Polkafest on the Oregon Coast the weekend of September 26th, it's off. The casino changed their mind about the event. That's not such a bad thing. Even though it would have been nice to go down to the Oregon Coast in September, the cancellation gave us the opportunity to stay close to home and play for the Swiss Park Oktoberfest on September 26th. We will be sharing the stage with the incomparable Lyle Schaefer Band. Lyle is a good friend of mine and he has a wonderful band. I'm looking forward to our two bands performing at the beautiful Swiss Park.

I think that covers all of the bases for now. Next time there's some news from the band I'll post it right here. Enjoy the remainder of the summer!



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