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Monday, June 29

And The Livin' Is Easy

Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

It's been quite a while since I last posted anything to the Cyber-Posten. As usual, things in life have been quite busy. My lovely wife, Danna, graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in May. She started Grad School in June. She starts student teaching in Bonney Lake in September. She will be a middle school teacher.

In the meantime, there has been a personnel change in the band. Fritz Whitney, our longtime clarinet and sax player, has decided to move on and play other music with other bands, including his wife's band. We wish Fritz well in his new endeavor. He was a very valuable and talented member of the band for many years. Fortunately I came across an excellent young player, Scott Macpherson, who started playing with us in February. He does a great job and has quickly become a favorite amongst the local fans.

The summer schedule is pretty light. The down economy has cut back on the number of festivals that are having us perform this year. If you take a look at the schedule page you'll notice very little in July and even less in August. September and October are similarly light, however I expect as we get closer the schedule will fill up more. Even when the economy is doing poorly people still want to polka and drink beer.

Saturday, at the SeaTac International Festival, I was surprised by a visit from Wisconsin polka DJ Jerry Halkoski. He came all the way out from Oconomowoc. He's a wonderful person and a great promoter of polka music. Best of all, he likes the band! Then again, who wouldn't like us? We're one of the best polka bands in Western Washington. It's good to know that we have some fans back in Wisconsin. That's real polka territory.

For now I'm going to return to the garden and look after the tomatoes. I love tomatoes and I love polkas. I can't promise you any tomatoes if you come to the next performance but I can promise you good polkas!



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