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Thursday, November 6

Auf Wiederseh'n, Oktoberfest!

Greetings, Scandinavian Fans!

Our Oktoberfest season has once again come to a close. We played all the usual places (Leavenworth, West Seattle, other private engagements) and some new places (Puyallup, Portland, other private engagements). All in all it was a fun and productive season. Oktoberfest is wonderful because it's the season when everyone loves polka music and the magical combination of beer, polkas and brats makes for fun times for everyone.

Now that the season is over I can enjoy some down time at home with my wife and family. This has been a trying time for my wife in particular as she just lost her grandfather at the end of October. Although it's sad to lose such a beloved man, we're all glad that his long, slow battle with illness has come to a peaceful end. I was lucky enough to get to know Grandpa Les for the last few years of his life. He was a wonderful man with a wry wit and an endless sense of humor. He also loved music and wanted me to play for him every chance I got. Shortly before he passed away we went to visit him and I took the accordion with me. I'm glad that I got to provide him with some comfort in his final days.

Some of you may have noticed that our Fan Club President, Mike Mowrer, has been absent during most of this Oktoberfest season. President Mike had a health scare. Turns out that he had a large mass pressing on the right side of his brain that was causing headaches, dizziness and nausea. He had an operation a few days ago to remove the mass. He's currently recovering at the hospital. We're hoping for a full and speedy recovery. If you want to keep track of his recuperation you can follow along at Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's a huge asset to the band and a wonderful person, too.

Our next performance will be at First Night Tacoma on New Year's Eve. Check our schedule page for all the details. Until then I will be at home with the wife and kids getting ready for Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I hope all of you have a good holiday season and I hope to see you in Tacoma on New Year's Eve!



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