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The Scandinavian Cyber-Posten is my blog for the band. Ever since I started reading The Machine's Pump on the Brave Combo website I've wanted my own blog. After all, I'm a creative and intelligent person and I have thoughts on a lot of things. Here's a place where you can read what I think about a variety of topics. I hope you enjoy what you read. If you have any feedback on what I've written, email me at

Sunday, July 15

We've got fans!

Greetings, Scandinavian fans! Summer is here and the Mariners are in a pennant race. It's the most exciting baseball season since 2001 and I couldn't be happier. The weather has been rather warm as of late and that's nice, too. On the 100 degree day we took the kids up to the Green River Gorge and did some hiking and played around in the river. When we returned from the river we discovered that the pump had broken and we had no water. After repairing the pump and the related broken water line in the yard I had a weekend of gigs to play.

At the gigs we had a lot of fans who came specifically to hear us play. It was very interesting. My life is mostly anonymous; I play a lot of gigs where nobody even notices that there's music. I toil away digging holes in my yard and making multiple trips to the hardware store without being anything other than another face in the crowd. Sometimes, however, there are times when I become somewhat of a celebrity; times like today. I now know that there are people who go to multiple performances just because they really appreciate the music that the band plays. That's incredibly gratifying. After working so hard for so long with little or no recognition it's nice that we're now building a fan base that specifically appreciates us. It gives a lot of meaning to what we do and that's good.

Hopefully you, dear reader, will become one of those fans who will follow us from gig to gig. No, I don't want a flock of deadhead-like fans camping out in fields waiting for our next polka dance. A caravan of nice, late-model Buicks would be just fine.

A big thanks to all of you who faithfully attend our shows. We really do appreciate it.



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