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The Scandinavian Cyber-Posten is my blog for the band. Ever since I started reading The Machine's Pump on the Brave Combo website I've wanted my own blog. After all, I'm a creative and intelligent person and I have thoughts on a lot of things. Here's a place where you can read what I think about a variety of topics. I hope you enjoy what you read. If you have any feedback on what I've written, email me at

Tuesday, January 23

Podcasting just for you!

Hello again! I know you don't expect me to blog again so soon but I have more big news: The Smilin' Scandinavians Polka Podcast is live on iTunes! Woo-hoo! So just what is the Smilin' Scandinavians Polka Podcast, you ask? Well, it's me playing some of my favorite tracks from my personal CD collection, interspersed with information and background on the artists and songs. Think of your local polka radio show and then imagine each new episode downloaded to your computer automatically and synched to your iPod (or other personal music player) for listening at your leisure.

The first episode of the Smilin' Scandinavians Polka Podcast is up and online at iTunes. In that episode I play songs from a variety of historically-important polka figures like Frankie Yankovic, Li'l Wally, Marion Lush, Ray Henry, Ray Budzilek, Verne Meisner and Whoopie John. You can find the podcast by going to the iTunes store and searching for "polka" and then limiting the results to "podcasts." You can also follow this link to go directly to the podcast page at iTunes. This will require having iTunes installed on your system. If you need iTunes you can get it free from Apple here.

I hope that each and every one of you subscribes to the podcast and that you enjoy it very much!



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