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Wednesday, May 31

Change can be good!

Hello Scandinavian fans!

Spring is almost over and summer is due here in the Pacific Northwest on July 5th. I love spring. It's a time of change. The grass grows faster, strawberries start to come into season and your (hopefully) favorite polka band starts gearing up for it's summer season of performances. We've also had a season of change this spring.

One of our regular banjo players, Scott, decided to hang it up and concentrate on his job and his own musical career. At first I was worried. Scott is such a wonderful friend and a great musician and brought such a dynamic feel to the band that I worried if I could ever find a replacement. Of course, I went through the same dilemma years earlier when Ian quit playing with us to pursue his multimedia and computer interests. I found Eric who put us on a whole new level with his incredible clarinet and sax playing.

The replacement I found for Scott is Glenn. He's a very experienced dance player and brings a whole new dynamic to the band. He's every bit as good as Scott and he's brought some great new sounds to the band. I'm happy with how we've progressed.

Change is always a challenge. The trick is making change come out to your advantage. I feel that's what I've done.

Happy Spring!



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