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Thursday, January 19

The Show Opens...

Polish Diva opened last weekend. Friday was the preview, the first time we did the show in front of an audience, Saturday was the opening, and Sunday was the last show of the weekend. All three shows were great. The audiences were clearly ready for a great show. They were picking up on the comedic bits in the show as fast as we were putting them out there. We had a very tangible sense that the people had a sense that the show was a celebration of their life in Milwaukee. It is.

The crowds were singing along from the very beginning. They were clapping, laughing and anticipating the jokes. They totally got the idea behind the show. I personally had a good performance. My solo in the top of Act II brought down the house. People wouldn't stop clapping. I must have played quite well.

We've also received our first review. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's review can be found at the following link. Apparently Milwaukeeans are taking the positive reviews to heart because the show is selling so well that the theater wants to add three Tuesday evening performances as some patrons are having trouble finding tickets.

Future plans for the show include shopping it around to theaters in Seattle in hopes of putting together a Northwest production in the future. That would allow Terry to record the polka CD she's always wanted to make.



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