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Friday, July 22

Back from Minnesota!

Hello readers!

Danna and I are back from Minnesota. The band went back to Ironworld to play the Polkafest the last weekend in June. We had a blast and played great! It was a really fun trip, including a great impromptu performance Saturday night at the Slovenian Home in Chisholm, MN. It's always challenging to play for a new crowd in a new area and we more than met the challenge. It was also really cool to have Gale Evans, formerly of the Seattle Polka Gals, sitting in with us. She's a fantastic player and really knows how to add just the right feeling to dance music.

After playing the Polkafest we took the rest of the band down to the Twin Cities to fly home and Danna and I spent our honeymoon travelling around the Midwest and West. We went down to Iowa to see Winterset (where they filmed The Bridges of Madison County) and East Peru (home of Danna's family and the original Delicious apple). We went on across Iowa and into South Dakota to see the National Music Museum in Vermillion, the Corn Palace in Mitchell, the Badlands and Wall Drug. We went on through the Black Hills to see Dinosaur Park, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer State Park. In Wyoming we saw the Bighorn Mountains, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. From there we drove home through Idaho, Oregon and Washington on our way home to Seattle. It was a wonderful trip and now we're enjoying the rest of our summer and lots of gigs with the band.



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