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Sunday, October 10

Big Changes

It's been quite a few months since I last issued a missive from Scandinavian Central. It's been a very busy, happy, frustrating, sad and rewarding time. By now those of you who correspond with me regularly will know that I've moved. Yes, my ten years on Capitol Hill are over. I'm now a proud resident of Lake City. What brought this about, you ask? Danna. That's who. My wonderful, loving girlfriend showed up on my doorstep in June and I just never wanted to send her home. As a result we started looking for a new, larger place for us to live and we found this two-bedroom apartment in Lake City. The upheaval of moving has been interesting. Having been rooted firmly in my little one-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill for ten years I got very set in my ways. Moving has forced me to re-evaluate many things. Danna has been a wonderful supporter and companion during this entire process.

The band has played some of its best shows over the course of the summer and early Oktoberfest season. With the combination of players we have now I believe we're among the best polka bands in the nation. When we're all together and we're playing at our best I think we're unbeatable. If you have a differing opinion please share it with me. I'm always looking to have more input on the band.

Sadly, I've lost more friends over the past few months. In September I lost my friend Gary Combs. Gary had been a longtime member of the Northwest Accordion Society. He had served as interim president and most recently as membership chairman. He was one of the guys who would hang out at the main desk at our Seattle socials. He, Jim Tobler and myself would sit at the back of the room and listen to the players and critique them. Gary and I would also travel down to Portland for the socials down in that area. He was one of the guys that I really looked up to. He served the better part of thirty years in the US Navy and could fix or do just about anything. He will leave a huge gaping chasm in the Northwest Accordion Society.

August brought the death of Brother George Carlile, Past Grand Patriarch of the Grand Encampment of Washington, IOOF. Brother George was a true and good Odd Fellow and I was very fortunate to have served under him in the Grand Encampment this past year. He worked tirelessly for the betterment of his community and his lodge. He was also very active in other orders including the Freemasons and the VFW. Gentlemen like George are rare and precious.

The greatest loss over this summer was that of longtime Mended Heart leader Darrell Dunn. I can't begin to tell you what he meant to me. He was a mentor, friend, advisor, confidant, leader, great musician and wonderful person. His funeral was one of the most touching, moving events I've ever witnessed. His friends, family and fans gathered together to bid farewell to one of God's true shining stars. Darrell's passing affected me greatly. It also has affected the future of Mended Heart. At present it looks like they'll keep going starting again next year in some form or another. Time will tell. Personally, I hope Mended Heart continues on with Darrell's work. It's really the best way to keep his memory alive.

So that's it for me. New digs, good band, more deaths. The only constant is change and let me tell you; things are changing!



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