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Thursday, May 20


Hello loyal reader(s). I'd like to begin today's post by saying how wonderful Jim Kinney's memorial service was. I never really realized how wonderful a memorial service could be or how important it is to those who knew the deceased until I went to Jim's service on Saturday. What I saw was a whole room full of people who truly loved and appreciated Jim. We shared his memories and listened to the music he loved. I played Tavern In The Town, the song that Jim just couldn't resist to play. Anytime he heard that song the banjo always came out and he started playing away.

Right now I'm thinking about Folklife. It's still a week and a half away but it's one of my absolute favorite events in the entire world. I love Folklife! It's like a big huge party for musicians. An amazing group of wonderful people gets together every year and turns Seattle Center into a huge musical playground. What's not to love? I think Folklife is the most wonderful thing in the world. If only the whole world could get together and just listen to music and have fun and eat a bunch of food maybe we wouldn't have the kinds of war and strife that exist around the globe.

I'm playing a few times at Folklife this year. First I'll be playing with the Kosher Red Hots on Saturday night at 7pm in Charlotte Martin Theater. That's going to be an awesome show. Liz Dreisbach is such an amazing clarinettist, especially on the klezmer stuff. She's one of the musicians I admire most in town. She's just so darn good! Next it's off to the big participatory dance to play with the Valse Cafe Orchestra (again with Liz) at 10pm. We'll be doing waltzes and some of my bigger arrangements. It'll be fun. Monday afternoon I've got my band playing at the Center House for the Polka Dance! Woo hoo! We're following Lyle Schaefer. If you get the chance, come early and hear Lyle's band. They're true polka greats.

I'll likely be spending much of the rest of the weekend just hanging out at Folklife and enjoying things. I will definitely end up on Bluegrass Hill listening to all the beautiful bluegrass music. I'll also be jamming with other musicians. That's half the fun of Folklife right there!

If you're in Seattle over Memorial Day Weekend, stop on by. It'll be a heckuva lot of fun! :)



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